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How to Start a Cleaning Business

Hi everyone

I have set up this website to help anyone who is interested in "How To Start A Cleaning Business". You will find numerous tips and advice on various types of cleaning services to help you get started on a home based business.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Cleaning Carpets

Every household has a carpet in it and every now and then they do need to be cleaned, especially if the carpet is a light color. Alot of the time, especially if it is a fully working household they don't have time to clean their own carpets. This is a low start up and a good way to make a nice income working from home.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Cleaning Cars

There are 1,400 automotive producers from 60 countries. In 1900 there were only 4,192 passenger cars built in the United States. In 2001 there was approximately 450 million passenger cars roaming the streets of the world. And in 2030 there is estimated to be 1.2 billion passenger cars. Someone has to clean them. This is another business that has a low start up budget to get started in.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Home Cleaning

There are alot of working people in this world who do not like the idea of cleaning their home after they have been at work all day. If they can afford it, quite a few people will employ someone to come into their home and clean it for them. This shouldn't cost anything at all to get started, except maybe to advertise yourself and either get paid for your services weekly or monthly.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Laundry

Starting your own laundry business can be kept small if you want to use your own washing machine and start your laundry business straight away or you can go larger and open your own laundry shop. All depends on your ambition for this business.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Ironing

This I suppose doesn't come under a cleaning business but it can become an add on to the laundry business. If people are willing for you to do their washing for them they might also consider you doing their ironing as well. Or it could be a stand alone ironing business.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Window Washing

Maintenance on the outside of the home is sometimes forgotten or haven't got time or they cannot reach those top windows to clean them. This is a very low budget start up and very easy to do if you are not afraid of heights.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Office Cleaning

Large offices need the daily clean and if you can get your business working for a large company you are all set up straight away in a business. But then again there are quite a few small companies that require the weekly clean. This can be a low start up but it all depends on how big you want to go.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Construction Cleaning

Out of all the cleaning jobs that I can think of, this is the most highly paid cleaning job that you can get. Basically, you are cleaning up after the building work is all done and giving that final clean to make that new building look lovely.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning their favorite furniture so that they look like new, getting rid of those stains that have landed on the furniture. And maybe as an add on cleaning carpets as well. Very low start up budget on this one and quite profitable.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Bin Cleaning

I was dreading telling you about this one but someone has to do it. Cleaning other people's smelly garbage bins after the garbage services have been. This job can be quite expensive to start up or it can be minimal, depends on how big you want to take it.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Computer Cleaning

There is at least one computer in most households. They get alot of use, they can get dirty inside which makes them overheat and breakdown. You don't have to be a computer geek for this job and it is quite profitable and it is a very low start up.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Drain Cleaning

Drains, garbage disposals, toilets, bath tubs etc. as you know can sometimes get blocked up and you will always have customers who will require the services for someone to come and unblock them.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Cooker Cleaning

One of the worst things to be cleaned in the kitchen is the cooker, with all the grime and grease and left over food that has fallen to the bottom of the cooker. It can take 2-3 hours to clean a cooker properly but can also be quite profitable.

How to Start a Cleaning Business - End of Tenancy Cleaning

This is basically about starting a business up to clean properties that rented tenants have just left and need a total spring clean to get the property ready for the next tenant. Very good money in this sort of work and very low start up.