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How to Start a Cooker Cleaning Service

Cleaning the oven is a task that is usually put off or never done. It is not a task that many people consider fun. From a business person’s prospective, cleaning ovens can be a good way to make a lucrative living. Opening a cooker cleaning service is now becoming popular. This is a unique cleaning service and there aren’t many around. If you are good at cleaning ovens and have had some experience then you will want to start this niche market type of business.

Follow these steps to a successful cooker cleaning service

  1. One cleaning procedure you can offer is the stripping down of your customer’s oven and using a de-carbonating bath to clean all loose parts. The de-carbonating bath will be done outside of the customer’s house. Another procedure is using surfactants to renew racks and panels to a like new condition. These surfactants will clean off hard to clean carbon deposits. The next procedure will entail using precision tools, a good degreaser, and detergent cleaning fluids to make your customers cooker sparkling clean. All of these procedures can be done in 2-3 hours.
  2. A comprehensive cooker cleaning service to all your customers will make your business well rounded. Concentrating on not only domestic cookers but also offer your services for commercial cookers. You may want to include microwaves and extractor cleaning to your service. Branching out into supplying your customers need of oven bulbs, filters, seals for doors, and many more cooker parts will give you extra income for your business.
  3. You may want to see what price list your competition has, if there is one in your area, you could be the first! Then you will want to price your services and supplies accordingly. After hours services should be priced slightly higher than normal business hours.
  4. Your employees and you to need to be fully insured. Going into customer's homes leaves you open for liability if something was to go wrong. Contact several insurance agencies that specialize in this type of insurance and pick the best policy for your company.
  5. Uniforms should be worn with employees name on the pocket. This will give you and your employees a look of professionalism. Cleaning cookers will need to be done in a professional manner. Drop cloths should always be used so as not to leave a mess in the customer’s home. Politeness, knowledgeable answers to your customer’s questions, and doing a professional job will ensure a returning customer.

Buying all of your cleaning products and supplies wholesale is advisable. Wholesale does not have to mean a cheap product though. You should purchase quality products from a reputable wholesaler.

It is always good to put everything in writing. The customer always likes to be fully informed. Having your job description in writing will leave no room for questions of what is expected of you. Your customer’s interest is also covered this way.

A cooker cleaning service will prove to be an adventure. With time you and your employees will become more efficient and more skilled. This business will provide you with the type of income you’ve always dreamed of.