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How to Start an End of Tenancy Cleaning Business

The end of tenancy cleaning business is for reinstating the condition of the house as desired by the house owner once the tenant is about to vacate. The service can be for either the tenant or the landlord and the type of job depends on the person who calls. Generally tenants consider this service to get their end of tenancy agreement signed and hence there is not much work involved.

However, when the landlord hires an end of tenancy cleaning business, then the work involved is more. The job is to clean and restore the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living room and even the hallway.

The tools you will need to start an end of tenancy cleaning business

  1. Vacuum machine is very basic equipment as the entire job revolves around cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with advanced options for dusting, cleaning, insect killing, carpet cleaning, mopping and tile cleaning will be easier to work with instead of keeping separate tools for each. A normal vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt and blow the dust will be enough. They can also be used for cleaning the edges of carpets in living room and bedrooms.
  2. A mopping stick is needed for mopping down the floors of kitchens, bathrooms, living room and hallway wherever there aren’t any carpets. They are meant for cleaning the tiles and flooring with some proper disinfectant.
  3. A broomstick or any other cleaning stick is required for sweeping the floors in case the vacuum cleaner is unavailable. They are also required for cleaning out the cobwebs in the ceiling or the corners. This is mainly required for living room and walking area.
  4. A dusting tool is used for cleaning cupboards, shelves, wardrobes, and furniture and windowpanes. Alternatively a dust cloth can also be used for removing the dust mites.
  5. A cleaning towel is needed for cleaning out the stones, tiles, marbles, granites in the kitchens and bathrooms. This along with a proper disinfectant or cleaning liquid can be used to scrub out the dirt and grease. They are for cleaning the wash basin, bath tub, toilets and sink. They can also be used for cleaning the window ledges, skirting boards, doors.
  6. Next a mirror or glass cleaning set for cleaning and polishing the mirrors and glasses or windows. They can also be used for cleaning the taps and other bathroom/kitchen fittings.
  7. Use a proper kitchen cleaning kit for cleaning out the griller, oven, stove, dish washer, freezer, refrigerator and radiator. The grillers usually have a lot of grease and so use some dish washer along with the cloth for cleaning it.
  8. For bathrooms, use proper brushes, cleaning scrub, disinfectant, cleaning solution, and some tubes for spraying water if necessary.
  9. Choose appropriate dishwasher, cleaning liquids, disinfectant and soaps. Carry a clean set of towels and paper napkins.

The end of tenancy cleaning business is truly an on-call basis and requires some proper transportation to carry the vacuum cleaner and other equipments. Moreover, it is wiser to be prepared at all times.

How to advertise your end of tenancy cleaning business

Going to a rental agency is a good place to start as they always need the services of a business like this. When a tenant has moved out of a house/apartment that they have on their books, the property always needs the total clean through before they can rent it out again. For private rentals a good advertising technique is to put an advert in shop windows to advertise your end of tenancy cleaning business. Or your local paper is another good option.

If you are good at cleaning and I’m sure you have had lots of experience with it in your own homes. Then why not get paid for it and start your own end of tenancy cleaning business.