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How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

To know how to start a carpet cleaning business properly is essential if you want to make it profitable. There is a profitable industry in doing these jobs that people don’t want to do. This is also a lucrative market for those jobs people simply don’t have time for anymore.

This is reflected in statistics and on the news – where previously only one half of a couple sharing a house needed to work while the other looked after the house, the economy now demands that both individuals take on full time jobs that, more often than not, go beyond the normal 9-5 working hours as well as into the weekend. And, as you can imagine, they still need those household jobs done. So, that being said, how do you start a carpet cleaning business and turn it into a profitable business?

So, you need a bit of helpful advice and information in knowing how to start a carpet cleaning business and getting it off the ground. Okay then, let’s make a list of the things we need to do before you can start cleaning carpets:

  1. Create a Business Plan!
  2. Marketing!
  3. Extras! 

Alright, alright… they only number three, but these are important, even for a carpet cleaning business that needn’t involve a lot of complex planning or management if it is kept small. And if you want to expand when your small business becomes a huge success, then these three points will help you to lay a good foundation. So, let’s get started!

Start a carpet cleaning business with a business plan

You’ve probably heard quite a lot of humdrum involving business plans. The reason for that is that they are extremely important especially in a carpet cleaning business. Consider it a roadmap for your business, one that will show you where to go during which stages. For now, however, we’ll have a look at those initial figures you’ll need to get yourself going.

Now, setting up a business plan to help start a carpet cleaning business isn’t rocket science and does not necessarily involve a business consultant’s input. The key to any business plan is to make a list of those things you will be spending money on and how much you will be getting in. Let’s make a list:

List of expenditures to help start a carpet cleaning business

  • Equipment (Machinery, chemicals, etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Transport
  • Yourself!

Looking at the small list above, we see what you’ll need immediately. Whether you have a bit of start-up capital to equip yourself with professional equipment to help start a carpet cleaning business or just enough to make use of the minimum, these should all be included in your plan along with your estimated transport costs (this can be determined by listing the distances between your home and possible clients’ premises in your target area).

And, before we move on, don’t forget that you’ll have to stay alive to do the job, so be sure to pay yourself enough to survive on but still allow enough capital left over for your business to continue.

Marketing to help start a carpet cleaning business

Ever wondered how someone who, in your opinion, lacks in quality of service and professionalism make so much money? The answer here is great marketing, something which basically means that you want as many people as possible to know that you have a carpet cleaning business and that you are good at it!

So, what routes can you take? Well, make a list of all the basic things you know people do. This includes flyers, small ads in local media, outdoor signs, ads in shop windows, business cards, websites, etc. These are the usual marketing techniques and should form part of your first marketing strategy to help start a carpet cleaning business. But aside from these, take some time to think about the small marketing items people have invested some money in. There are lots, and being a bit creative will have people not only notice, but remember your carpet cleaning business which might just mean that it will be your number they dial the next time they need your services.

How to start a carpet cleaning business with lots of EXTRAS!!

Now, remember we spoke about people who make a lot of money but, in your opinion, do not do such a great job? Well, they are a dime a dozen and your chance to offer something different within the carpet cleaning business industry. Focus on detail; think about what you would expect from a carpet cleaning business.

In addition to a good service, think about supplying your customers with a couple of incentives. These can range from discount prices to first customers to a follow-up superficial cleaning at a little or no extra charge. This will not only make your carpet cleaning business stand out above the rest, but ensure that customers keep on coming back again and again and again.

On a final note, and as a bonus tip, keep your eyes on the news headlines and on things going on in the target area of your carpet cleaning business. It is essential to show your customers your business involvement in the area and showing you care about the things they care about.

Although more of a passive marketing strategy for your carpet cleaning business, it will ensure that people remember you and that, if they are ever in need of a name to give at one of their social functions, your business will come to mind first.